Vitality Types


Vitality is energy in engagement. Discover how you can use the Vitality Types in self-coaching to start thriving!

Catalyst Interactive Style:
Spark & Inspiration

Catalyst Vitality Words: Lively, high-energy, charismatic, refreshing, creative, enterprising, inventive, fun, flexible, social, spontaneous, sunny, optimistic, visionary, artistic, bright, sense of wonder and discovery, extroverted, idea-oriented, positive, inspiring, experimental, entrepreneurial, exciting, open-minded.

Catalyst Shadow Aspects:  Potential shadow sides associated with Catalyst Vitality Type are:  erratic behavior, self-indulgence as well as unpredictable, impulsive actions that leave others feeling disconnected.

Torchbearer Interactive Style:
Velocity & Transformation

Torchbearer Vitality Words: Direct, dynamic, zealous, passionate, trail-blazing, energetic/energizing, constructive, productive, decisive, action-oriented, results-driven, straight-forward, focused, alert, transformative, change-agent, intense, exhilarating, leader, bold, brave, valiant, courageous, fearless.

Torchbearer Shadow Aspects: Potential shadow sides associated with Torchbearer Vitality Type include behavior that can be aggressive and belligerent, careless and thoughtless, hence this interactive style can be overwhelming and intimidating to others.

Pathfinder Interactive Style:
Process & Growth

Pathfinder Vitality Words: Diplomatic, considerate, analytical, detail-oriented, supportive, attentive, devoted, tactful, sensitive, gentle, thoughtful, philosophical, introspective, low-key, process-oriented, nurturing, methodical, investigative, persistent, compromising, consensus-building, accommodating, negotiating, navigating.

Pathfinder Shadow Aspects. Potential shadow sides associated with Pathfinder Vitality Type are co-dependence, emotional fog, denial and feelings of being overwhelmed; this lack of clarity can  lead to a sense of isolation and disconnection from others.

Pragmatist Interactive Style:
Precision & Structure

Pragmatist Vitality Words: Sensible, alert, observant, precise, focused, firm, no-nonsense, objective, judicious, just, reasonable, cautious, measured, stable, balanced, grounded, reliable, dependable, steadfast, loyal, quality-oriented, dutiful, committed, purist, traditionalist, linear, concrete-sequential, rule-bound, clear, substantive, scrutinizing, tenacious.

Pragmatist Shadow Aspects:  Potential shadow sides associated with Pragmatist Vitality Type  include defiance, rigidity and judgement along with harshness and a hyper-critical demeanor. This  can lead to stagnation in collaboration and non-constructive dialog .