Our name, Alpha Element Institute, is inspired by the elements stars are made of. In Alpha Element Theory light is a communication network in human physiology. This network is illustrated by the four Alpha Element Vitality Types.


The Alpha Element Model is a conceptual framework of levels of awareness in human development.


Alpha Element Model: Four Levels of Awareness

In-person Bioenergetic Assessment

This interactive assessment identifies your mind-body type by associating one Vitality Type with each level of your awareness as a whole system of sensing and cognition. In this model, an individual’s Alpha Element is their leading Vitality Type, identified through our Bioenergetic assessment.

Online self-assessments

These tools offer individuals opportunities to explore how each Vitality Type is expressed in their communication style. While the online self-assessments do not determine a person’s Alpha Element, they provide a framework to distinguish styles of engagement and patterns in interactive styles.

About the bioenergetic assessment

Alpha Element Institute features a patent-pending mind-body assessment process. Alpha Element Theory is a model of light as a communication system in our bodies. Research documents that signaling of colors and light communicates information between the brain and the body. This constitutes a bioenergetic aspect of human physiology. Light is a principal source of energy. Humans absorb light as energy and also emit subtle light energy from our bodies. According to Alpha Element Theory, it is this subtle light energy we are measuring through the bioenergetic assessment. The bioenergetic assessment determines the hierarchical order of the Vitality Types in an individual, as illustrated in the blue pyramid.

about the ISQ

The Interactive Style Questionnaire ISQ is an online self-assessment based on the four Vitality Types as a language to identify distinctions in interactive communication styles. The Vitality Types introduce four categories of proactive and reactive style traits that we bring into our communication with others. The ISQ scores are Vitality Type™ Indicators that provide information about a range of communication patterns. The results provide a new awareness of one’s presence and differences in interactive communication styles.