“Authentic is the word that comes to mind when I compare this assessment with others I am familiar with. This process provides a more authentic and unbiased picture of a person.”
– Sunny Ainley, Associate Dean, Normandale Community College, Center for Applied Learning

“The Alpha Element workshop is an outstanding program for building group-awareness and coherence. The curriculum is extraordinary, the whole team was engaged and the conversations were authentic. A number of us found the Alpha Element workshop to be the best teambuilding event we have ever attended. I highly recommend Alpha Element Institute as a resource for talent and team development.”
– Zarir Erani, Chief Information Officer, Hallmark Business Connections

“The value of the Alpha Element Assessment is that it provides a different way of thinking about how people take in information and interact with each other. I think anytime you have self-knowledge you have more resources.  This instrument is helpful to better understand people as well as your own reaction to them and their motivations, so you are not just reacting to their behavior.”
– Kathy Bonneville, Senior Vice President, Seabury Human Capital Group, LLC

“The Alpha Element Program made me aware of my innate leadership style and how I can leverage my strengths within the organization.  This training has helped me become more confident in my role because I can be impulsive and in that mindset I don’t make the best decisions.  The self-leadership skills I developed through this program have helped me to observe my communication and remember to slow down a little bit, reflect and reevaluate.”
– Mandy Mensink Olsen, M.A., Associate Director, Walden University

“Your Alpha Element helps to revive the dormant aspect of yourself you had forgotten about. Finding your Alpha Element is like coming home.”
– Marlys Gapstur Sand, M.S., Occupational Therapist

“Knowing my Alpha Element gives me the confidence to be who I always suspected I really was deep inside.”
– Kris Warehime, M.A., Teacher

“I’m not a new-agey person, but the concept of energy resonance and dissonance makes some sense. It explains why some patterns and colors are sometimes so wrong on one person and so right on another. And, in light of the quantum view of the universe, there may be some real science in this fun.”
– Elisabeth Reid Holter, M.D., Neurologist & Medical Writer

“My Alpha-Element is Water, while my identical twin brother’s Alpha Element is Fire. There is no doubt that it is a valid reflection of the differences in our personalities.”
– Brad Fischer, Account Manager