What if it was easier to understand other people?

The key to leadership and authentic buy-in is to develop interpersonal intelligence. This vital leadership ability starts by gaining full awareness of how you interact with others.


At Alpha Element Institute, we teach picture thinking as a technique to communicate about differences in interactive styles. Picture thinking is a skill you can learn to understand complicated subjects like temperaments and communication styles. Through picture thinking you become aware of the different patterns people bring into collaboration and interactions with others. These patterns represent different approach styles which can either be obstacles or avenues to collaboration. By understanding these patterns you become a better communicator and a more effective leader.


Through Alpha Element training you develop techniques that help you discern and interpret behavior to better motivate others. Awareness of your interactive style – how you talk, listen and respond to others – is the most valued outcome of Alpha Element training.

“My principal takeaway is to better understand the differences people bring in terms of their thought processes and how they approach situations or work with people.”

“It makes us better understand the different reactions that some people have or what drives them.”



Start thriving by connecting with your vitality. Our holistic approach to self-development stimulates self-awareness, creativity and collaboration. We apply fun and simple tools you can use in your every day life to tap into hidden energy resources to recharge.

  1. Complete our free self-assessment
  2. Connect with your optimal vitality
  3. Become your own coach and best advocate

Vitality Type™ Indicators

Alpha Element online assessments benchmark your interactive style and provide data to track development of self-leadership techniques and interactive skills. Quarterly peer-feedback instruments provide data and track progress.


A gap in leaders’ awareness of how their vitality and communication style impact interactions with others weakens their efficacy. As a result of implementing the Alpha Element program you and your leadership team gain a new awareness of how your interactive styles impact collaboration. Integrated and practiced, this awareness fosters enhanced relationships resulting in improved communications, organizational health and coherence.


The Alpha Element Assessment is designed to empower you with tools for holistic self-coaching, leading to greater wellness and satisfaction in life and work.


“The value of the Alpha Element Assessment is that it provides a different way of thinking about how people take in information and interact with each other. I think anytime you have self-knowledge you have more resources. This instrument is helpful to better understand people as well as your own reaction to them and their motivations, so you are not just reacting to their behavior.”
Kathy Bonneville, Senior Vice President, Seabury Group, LLC